Left- and right-wing populism in Ibero-America: history and modernity
The article presents a study of the populism of the right-wing Spanish political party Vox. The scientific definitions of populism and the politics of fear as its manifestations are given. Populism is a phenomenon peculiar to anti–system parties, which is designed for uncritical perception by the audience. Vox populism, accompanied by the politics of fear, is necessary to arouse people's anxiety and urge them to rally under the party banner. The question of the place of populism and the politics of fear in the discourse of the Vox party is investigated. The specific fields that are used in the populist discourse of the party are also identified: condemnation of separatism and a call to build a Great Spain; criticism of feminism; criticism of the widespread influx of migrants, which is associated with an increase in crime. A detailed description and analysis of the use of memory policy in the Vox party discourse are provided. A detailed description of the methods of discrediting political opponents used by the party is given. Attention is drawn to the party's foreign policy activities and to which vector in international relations it considers the most appropriate. The question of the characteristics of the average Vox voter is investigated.
Vox; populism; politics of fear; discourse; publication.
Nikita Kalinin