The Forms of Interaction of Great Britain with Indo-Pacific Region Countries
The development of the relations between the UK and Indo-Pacific region countries and British military build-up in the region are main goals on the path to realizing «Global Britain» concept, providing for becoming of Great Britain one of the main actors in international relations. The implementation of the concept defines the basic parameters of the British foreign policy in the medium term, what makes the British-Indo-Pacific relations issue relevant. This article aims at estimating the role of the UK in Indo-Pacific region, analysing the forms of interactions with the countries of the region and discovering ways and opportunities for cooperation. The article focuses on relations with selected countries (Japan, India, China) and with integration unions (ASEAN, CPTPP) as well. For the analysis of the economic relations the author uses international databases (The World Bank: Data, WTO Stats, SIPRI database etc.), House of Commons Foreign Aff air Committee's reports (reports about India, China etc.) and other government publications and information (for example, UK-ASEAN factsheet). The estimation of the ways and opportunities for the development of cooperation is based on the analysis of present relations and discovered trends supported by experts' articles, dedicated to the cooperation between Great Britain and selected countries and between Britain and the whole region as well. The author concludes the UK pursues two main goals in Indo-Pacific region on the path to realizing the concept. Firstly, it aims at boosting its financial and economic power through developing economic cooperation with the countries of the region. To this end it signs free trade agreements or comprehensive agreements for partnership and participates in integration unions and infrastructure projects. Secondly, Great Britain aims at containing China's political and military expansion by establishing and enhancing various military and strategic alliances and unions.
«Global Britain»; Indo-Pacific region; China; India; Japan; international trade; investments; security
Elvin Liftiev