The Evolution of Cuban-Algerian Relations in the 60s
In this article the evolution of Cuban-Algerian relations in the 60s is analyzed. The relevance of this topic is contingent on relatively low degree of scientific development of this issue in the Russian scientific community. The author analyzes the main scientific papers of Russian and foreign scholars addressing this topic. Main imperatives of foreign policy of Cuba during the period after the revolution of 1959 are described. In the article main ideological background for development of the relations between the countries and influence of international context on it are considered. The author defined the reasons for Algeria to become Cuba's main foreign policy direction in Africa. The role of Cuban military aid during Algerian-Moroccan conflict, including military supplies and role of Cuban military specialists is analyzed. Such aspect of Cuban-Algerian bilateral cooperation as sending Cuban medical missions to Algeria is touched upon. The importance of Cuban-Algerian relations in context of development of Cuban foreign policy in Africa is recognized. The reduction of Cuban-Algerian cooperation during the latter half of the 60s is described.
Cuba, Algeria, Africa, national-liberation movement, Algerian-Moroccan conflict
Maxim Lysenko
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