Technological Strategies in Frames of National Innovation Systems: Case of Taiwan
The article examines the process of technological change in Taiwan in order to identify the Taiwanese model of national innovation system (NIS) and its characteristics at different stages of evolution. To form a clear picture of the nature of the Taiwanese model, the notion of technological strategies and their two types: imitative (IS) and technological leadership strategies (TLS) are borrowed from the theory of innovation management and transferred to the terminology of NIS. The author identifies two stages in the evolution of the Taiwanese NIS and concludes that horizontal linkages between S&T actors play a major role in the development of the system — it is these that have now allowed the economy to move away from IS and towards the implementation of TLS.
national innovation system, imitative strategy, technological leadership strategy, innovation policy, S&T, R&D, Taiwan.
Sergei Litvinenko
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