Regulations on Reviewing Articles
Review plays a key role in selecting and editing articles submitted to International Aspect. The journal has established a number of rules for reviewing scientific articles.
If an article submitted to International Aspect meets the formal requirements made by the journal, it is subject to mandatory double-blind review. Acceptance of the author's manuscript for consideration does not guarantee that it will be accepted for publication. If the editors refuse to publish the article that has already been accepted for consideration, they shall send the author a reasoned opinion stating the grounds for rejection.
If an article is inconsistent with the Editorial Policy and the Admission Regulations of International Aspect, the editors shall notify the author of their refusal to publish the article without experts reviewing it.
When selecting experts and reviewers, the editors' top priority is to prevent a conflict of interest. In case anything may affect the objectivity of the reviewer towards the author, the reviewer is entitled to refuse the review request.
The reviewers' (there are usually at least two of them) names shall not be disclosed. All reviewers must hold a doctorate degree in a field of study the journal specializes in. They are entitled to consider and review articles only within the scope of their specialization. After receiving the author's manuscript, the experts review it within a month. The deadline may be extended by mutual agreement of the editors and the reviewer.
Reviews are conducted in accordance with the Criteria for Reviewing Manuscripts adopted by International Aspect. A review should include an evaluation of the scientific quality of the article, its content, its advantages and disadvantages. The reviewer makes recommendations to the editors to either publish or reject the article.
Based on the reviews, the editors decide whether to publish the article or to reject it entirely. The editors shall notify the author of their decision.
If the article needs editing, the author shall edit and resubmit it within two months. If the author does not send the edited version of the article to the editors before the aforementioned deadline, the editors remove the article from the queue of articles to be published.
If the author refuses to have their article published, they should notify the editors of their decision.
The editors may not enter into a substantive debate with the author.
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