Problems and challenges of the Ibero-American regional identity
This article considers Iberoamerica as a macro-region that includes the countries of the Iberian Peninsula and the states of Latin America, which have a unique identity and are united primarily on the basis of common languages and culture. This study is based on a theoretical consideration of the concept of "identity" from the standpoint of social constructivism, offering its own interpretation of the term and considering the importance of actors' self-identification for political decision-making and the development of multilateral diplomacy mechanisms. On the basis of the achievements of Russian and foreign researchers of the topic, the main aspects of Ibero-American identity are summarized, the practical implementation of integration ideas through the Ibero-American Community and the Ibero-American Summits is considered, and the main difficulties on the way of building of Ibero-America as a political, economic and socio-cultural space are highlighted.
identity, Ibero-America, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Ibero-American summit.
Elena Shcherbakova
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