Economic relations between Turkmenistan and the world regions and the role of the EAEU
Turkmenistan's interaction with the world regions and with the leading countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an important aspect of political and economic relations in Central Asia. Moreover, after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, a new geopolitical space, located at the intersection of strategic trade routes and rich in resources, emerged in Central Asia, which poses great interest to the great powers and to regional actors – a "New Big Game" is being formed for control over the region. Therefore, Turkmenistan with the entire region is turning into a "platform" for the clash of interests of these actors, because it is located at the junction of four world sides at once – the North (EAEU), the South (Iran, Turkey), the West (USA, EU) and the East (China). The purpose of this article is to analyze economic relations of Turkmenistan with the main countries of the EAEU and to compare the intensity of these relations with other actors – the South, the West and the East, in the context of a New Big Game. The article describes the pace and the structure of Turkmenistan's trade turnover with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, the United States, the EU and China, as well as provides geopolitical assessments of these players` actions in the region. The author used methods of economic and geopolitical analysis and monitoring of various media. Based on the results of the work, the primary conclusions are as follows: 1) The South has managed to build a very productive economic dialogue with Turkmenistan, but its influence remains insignificant due to the lack of resources and the rivalry between Iran and Turkey; 2) The West has also succeeded in building a fairly intensive economic relations with Turkmenistan, but there is a serious instability in these contacts, and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan indicates that the influence of the West has been seriously shaken both in Turkmenistan and in Central Asia; 3) China has achieved the greatest success in building strong economic relations with Turkmenistan, and it is China which has the greatest influence on the Turkmenistan domestic situation, while strengthening its positions in the entire region; 4) The North has every chance to improve its influence in Turkmenistan and strengthen its position in the entire region, despite the contradictions in Russian-Turkmen relations and the trade pace that is inferior to China, which is approximately at the level of Turkmenistan's trade with the South.
Economic relations, trade, Turkmenistan, the EAEU, Russia, China.
Nazar Kurbanov
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