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International Aspect

An academic journal of international relations and foreign policy
International Aspect
  • International Aspect is an academic journal of MGIMO's School of International Relations.
    International Aspect was established with the support of the School of International Relations of MGIMO. The journal belongs to MGIMO Scientific Student Society as a club.
  • Our journal focuses on international aspects of various issues.
    International Aspect focuses on research in international relations and foreign policy, specializing in history, political science, economics, and other social sciences in the context of international relations and within the framework of the following fields of study formed by VAK (The State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles).

    07.00.15. History of International Relations and Foreign Policy
    23.00.04. Political Problems of International Relations, Global and Regional Development
    08.00.14. World Economy
  • International Aspect works closely with young researchers.
    International Aspect provides young researchers with an opportunity to make their own contribution to the study of the aforementioned branches of science, while only publishing articles that conform to international standards for scientific research being the journal's top priority.
We believe that having access to research articles is essential to scientific progress. Therefore, all articles published in International Aspect are available for free.
Editorial Policy
All articles submitted to International Aspect are reviewed in accordance with the following criteria.
Relevance to the scope of International Aspect

Articles published in International Aspect cover a variety of political, historical, socio-economic, and other issues in the context of international relations.
Scientific value

Works of young researchers submitted to International Aspect must conform to the highest scientific standards. All articles are reviewed by two experts based either at MGIMO or at a different institution. International Aspect follows a double-blind reviewing policy.
Publication policy

International Aspect only considers for publication original articles that have not been published previously.
Zero tolerance policy for plagiarism

Plagiarism is one the major problems of modern science. All articles submitted to International Aspect are checked for plagiarism via Antiplagiat.
Submit your article
  • 1
    Check your article against the formal requirements.
    Before submitting your article to International Aspect, check it against the provisions of the Editorial Policy and the formal requirements set forth in the Admission Regulations.
  • 2
    Submit your application for publishing the article.
    Fill out this form.
  • 3
    Wait for the editors' decision.
    All articles submitted to International Aspect are prescreened and checked against formal requirements. At this point, the article may either be returned to the author for improvement and refinement or rejected entirely due to inconsistency with the purposes of International Aspect, plagiarism, low scientific value, etc.

    After the prescreen, the article is reviewed according to the double-blind reviewing policy adopted by International Aspect. The editors refer the article to two experts in the respective fields of study. The reviewers evaluate the scientific quality of the article. Within a month, the experts review the article. The deadline may be extended by mutual agreement of the editors and the reviewer. For more detailed information on reviewing, please visit Regulations on Reviewing Articles.

    Based on the reviews, the editors decide whether to accept or to reject the article. The editors shall notify the author of their decision.

    The final version of the article accepted for publication is then sent to the author who shall proof-read it again and give a reply within seven days.

    If the author does not respond within seven days, the current version of the article is considered approved for publication.
Editorial Board
  • Andrey A. Baykov
    Head of Editorial Board
    Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate professor of the Department of Applied International
    Analysis, Vice-Rector for Science and Research, Chief Editor of the International Trends journal.
  • Irina V. Bolgova
    PhD in Historical Science, Associate professor of the Department of Applied International Analysis, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for International Studies, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Euro-Asian Studies.
  • Igor A. Istomin
    Ph.D. in Political Science, Head of the Department of Applied International
    Analysis, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for International Studies, Senior
    Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced American Studies.
Chief Editor — Elena Burdina
Deputy Chief Editor - Sergej Matyushkin

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Kirill Voshchinskij
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